Through the years, Raytech started focusing more and more on engineering and design support in addition to pure laser processing. Engineering and designing are two elements that play a crucial role in a 3D printing process. A good and functional design is, after all, the first step in the process of 3D metal printing.

Raytech is a supplier for 3D designing and 3D metal printing. This may contain:

  • Printing a provided 3D-file
  • Design optimization and engineering
  • Co-creation and product development
Micro filter design

Main advantages of 3D metal printing:

  • Material efficiency
    • Material saving compared to subtractive methods.
  • Integration of functionalities
    • Combining multiple functionalities
  • Internal cavities
    • Printing internal structures and cavities which are almost unmakeable using traditional technologies.
  • Personalization of products
    • Tailor-made, personalized products.
3D printed ball joint