3D metal printing production


As 3D metal printing subcontractor, Raytech uses a EOS M290 metal printer. This type of 3D printer uses LBM (Laser Beam Melting) as print technology. LBM is also known as SLM (Selective Laser Melting).

Characteristics of LBM:

  • Possibility to print complex internal cavities and structures.
  • Highest possible precision using 3D metal print technology.
  • Lowest grade of roughness possible with 3D metal print technology, enabling faster and more efficient post-processing.
Optimized & 3D printed gear wheel
Technical specifications:
Printing dimensions: 250 x 250 x 300mm
Minimum wall thickness: 0.4mm
Powder layer thickness:
• TiAl6V4 : 0.03 – 0.1mm
• AlSi10Mg: 0.03 – 0.06mm
Possible dimensional tolerances up to +/- 0.025mm