Customizable smartwatchCollaboration Twikit - Raytech

3D printed watch in titanium

Cooperation Raytech – Twikit

Twikit- smartwatch configurator

Twikit, specialized in 3D customization solutions, developed the smartwatch configurator. The online tool makes it possible to customize and personalize smartwatches. The configurator runs on all digital devices.

The smartwatch can be adjusted according to the size of the wrist. The outer shape of the watch case may vary from a rather classic look to an adventurous/sportive shape.

Extra personalization such as names, texts or surface texture can easily be added with the online configurator.


Raytech- production of 3D printed smartwatches

Once the online configuration is finished, the digital print file (STL) is automatically generated and sent to the 3D printing facility of Raytech. After printing and carefully finishing the watch, the smartwatch is ready for assembly.


Family of the future

The 3D printed watch is created on the occasion of the ‘Family of the future‘- project, an initiative of Flam3D. The goal of the project was to stimulate collaboration between Flemish companies with an interest in 3D printing.

Innovation – cooperation

The 3D printed smartwatch is a nice example of the possible impact of cooperation between two companies with different core activities. Combining competences of different companies can relatively easily lead to new and innovative ideas & projects.


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