Tube laser cutting

Laser tube cutting

Producing precision tube components is one of the specialization that Raytech is strongly committed to.

Tube material with a diameter from 0,8mm to 250mm can be processed. For this purpose, various tube laser machines can be used, depending on the required accuracy and diameters.

Laser tube cutting capabilities

1) Tube laser cutting: diameter from 3mm to 250mm
2) Micro tube cutting: diameter from 0,8mm tot 3mm
3) Laser drilling tube material: tiny hole patterns (40-50µm)

Puncture drill

Micro tube laser cutting

For the production of small, complex tube components, Raytech owns several in-house developed tube laser machines. The machines offer an excellent mix of speed, acceleration and precision.

Diameter of 0,8mm

Tube compenents with a diameter between 0,8mm to 3mm can be manufactured on these high-speed tube cutting machines. Well known applications are e.g. micro laser cutted stents, endoscopic devices, tube filter components….

Holes with a diameter of 40-50µm can be laser cut at considerably high cutting speeds. If smaller diameters are required, laser drilling can offer a solution.

Micro tube lasercutting
Micro tube lasercutting
Medical tooling

Laser drilling 2,5D

Perforating holes with diameters less then 40-50µm is possible by using laser drilling. Laser hole drilling is possible in tube and sheet, mainly in thin-walled material.

Single-shot laser drilling allows to quickly produce components with a large amount of holes.
In addition to fast production, laser drilling also ensures extreme accuracy. High-quality filtration components are often produced based on this technology.