Extensive knowledge of post-processing is necessary to create products using Additive Manufacturing. As a result of our experience with metal- and laser processing, we are able to provide perfectly post-processed 3D printed parts.

The general roughness of 3D printed components using SLM-print technology is between 10 and 15 µm. By applying various post-processing techniques it is possible to achieve a Ra-value of 0.025 mm.

Surface smoothness after different drum blasting phases

3D designing and post-processing go hand in hand

While designing, it’s important to keep the importance of post-processing in mind. Support structures are essential to connect the printed object with the building plate. These support structures needs to be removed in most cases. So, applying support plays a crucial role to obtain functional and cost-efficient 3D printed parts.

Post-processing possibilities:

  • Sandblasting (wet)
  • Sandblasting (dry)
  • Drum blasting
  • Polishing
  • Milling
  • Welding
  • Electropolishing