High quality drive rollers

Summa Cutting Plotter Parts: Etched Drive Rolls

Etching on tubes: drive drum Summa cutter

Summa was looking for a partner who could laser weld etched sheets around a tube (drum). The aim was to create a drive drum for drive vinyl in cutter machines. Of course without damaging the material (vinyl) to be cut.

The original production process consisted of three techniques:

  • Etching
  • Laser cutting the etched sheet to correct length
  • Rolling up the sheets + laser welding


Etching directly on drum

The combination of these three techniques made the process too time-consuming and expensive. In cooperation with the Summa, Raytech decided to re-think the process completely. After an extensive study, Raytech proposed an efficient and cost-reducing solution: etching directly on a drum.

This solution resulted in an increase of shape tolerance and better grip on the material. In addition, the wear resistance also increased due to an additional coating. (Partner for coating: Oerlikon Balzers)
Thanks to this redesign, Summa was able to cut down costs and in the meantime obtaining a better product. This development was the start of a long running partnership.



Etched structures: 90-100µm height & 15-35µm width
Assembly on shaft: CNC turned part made out of aluminium tube