3D designs

3D design for 3D metal printing

A good and functional design is, after all, the first step in the 3D printing process. Besides 2D & 2,5D-designing, Raytech assists companies with 3D designing for Additive Manufacturing.

This can vary from co-developing new products to re-designing and optimizing existing designs. Development & engineering

Main advantages of 3D metal printing:


  • Material efficiency
    • Material saving compared to subtractive methods.
  • Integration of functionalities
    • Combining multiple functionalities
  • Internal cavities
    • Printing internal structures and cavities which are almost unmakeable using traditional technologies.
  • Customized parts/products
    • Tailor-made, personalized products.
  • 3D printing internal channels
  • 3D metal printed prototypes
  • Titanium printing 3D
  • 3D titanium printed laser nozzle

Think different.

With ‘THINK DIFFERENT’, Raytech illustrates that components can be created in several ways. Every production technique has advantages and shortcomings. That’s why we’re always looking for the most efficient, economical and most intelligent way to manufacture a specific part.


Additive Manufacturing? Sheet Metal? CNC Milling?

As industrial supplier, Raytech produces parts using both subtractive and additive production techniques. It goes without saying that every production technology requires specific knowledge in the field of design and programming. 3D printing requires a completely different way of thinking and designing compared to subtractive techniques like for example wire EDM, CNC milling,..

Filtration tube
In one piece 3D printed hinge