Micro laser cutting

Micro laser cutting


Micro laser cutting allows to produce complex components with high precision.Various micro laser machines are available for the production of precision part. Depending on the requested tolerances and part dimensions, a choice is made which machine will be used for the order.

Large variety of machines = large variety of possibilities

Precision laser cutting
Shim (0,05mm)

Micro laser cutting: specifications


  • High cutting quality (min. cutting width 20µm)
  • Burr-free
  • Sheet thickness starting from 5µm
  • High repeatability accuracy (2µm)
  • Minimal thermal influence
  • Availability of several finishing techniques
  • Micro laser cutting of tubes (min. Ø0,6mm)


For the production of large series (mass production), Raytech uses a high speed laser setup. This setup is built around a (ultra) high speed laser machine.
This way it becomes possible to offer large series at economical prices.

Thin metal
laser cutting
Thickness starting from 0,005mm

Micro laser cutting: applications


Micro laser cutting is used for:

  1. laser cutting of very small parts
  2. laser cutting of parts with very close tolerances
  3. laser cutting of very thin materials (foil)


Markets & applications

  • Medical:                            (CMF)implants, surgical tools, parts for medical equipment (hearing aid)
  • Filtration components: filter discs, plates, sieves
  • Watchmaking:                gears, micro-components, cover plate
  • Machinery:                       shims, spring elements, precision components
  • Electronics:                      leadframes, stencils, rotors and stators masks, lighting applications
Micro parts
Quality & part-inspection

Micro laser cutting: quality


Raytech developed a process that guarantees production of completely oxide-free & burr-free components. The process is called: “clean-cut process”. Optimized cutting programs in combination with ultrasonic cleaning ensure clean and burr-free components.

In order to guarantee the quality and accuracy of produced parts, Raytech has climate-controlled production and measuring rooms.

Quality control & part-inspection