Micro tube
laser cutting

Micro tube laser cutting


Tube micro laser cutting is a high-precision laser technique that is used to laser cut small tubes, mostly in metal. Tube material with a diameter starting from 0,6mm can be processed.


  • Laser cutting micro tubes
  • Small tube laser cutting
  • Micro tube laser cutting

Micro tube laser cutting: specifications


  • From Ø0,6mm
  • Scratch, burr-free
  • Both prototypes and large series
  • Large variety of materials
    • Except: high reflective materials (for example pure copper)
  • Cleaning of different materials
    • Several cleaning methods are available to finish laser cut tube components. Different materials demand different finishing approaches. A common used finishing method is ultrasonic cleaning using a chemical solution.
  • Tube material on stock, supplied by the customer or custom made
    • If necessary, tube material can be made to measure by external suppliers. This way, tube components can be created with the exact, required dimensions in terms of inner and outer diameter, wall thickness, surface roughness, material properties, tensile strength, …

Micro tube laser cutting: applications


Micro tube components are often used in assemblies of high-tech applications, for example:

  • Precision filtration parts
  • Medical implants, surgical tools
  • Automotive control valves…

These components are manufactured with respect to strict quality requirements. Therefore, Raytech has a conditioned production hall where components can be manufactured in a clean environment. This production facility also provides space for cleaning, measuring and packaging.

More information: quality and part inspection

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Micro tube laser cutting: prototypes and serial production


Raytech has various precision tube laser machines. These can be divided into two types:

  • Micro tube machines for creating prototypes and small series
  • Micro tube machines for the manufacturing of large series

Thanks to the presence of both prototyping machines and production machines, projects can be developed from prototype to final (serial) production.