Laser welding

By laser beam welding, small elements can be joined together without additional material. Laser beam welding is possible in both sheet and tube material.


Micro laser welding

Laser micro welding is used to join complex, miniscule components. For this purpose, Raytech has several dedicated welding machines. Besides small and high-quality welding seams, laser beam welding ensures low heat influence, resulting in minimal part distortion.

Also see: Stud welding

  • Micro laser welding
  • Micro laser welding spots
  • Stator rotor laser cutting laser welding

Advantages laser welding

  • No additional welding material
  • Possibility to weld microscopic small components
  • Fine welding seams, high precision
  • Small HAZ, Heat Affected Zone. Limited heat influence results in minimal deformation
  • Possibility to connect thin sheet materials (foil materials)
    • Also possible to weld foil material to thicker sheets
  • Production on CNC controlled machines which allow high production speeds
  • Deep and long welding seams
  • Laser welded connection can withstand high loads
  • Possible in both sheet and tube material
Laser welded clip
Laser welded clip

Tooling & fixtures

Before welding an exact positioning of the parts is essential in order to become a properly welded assembly. Herefore, tailor-made tooling & fixtures are necessary. By producing these toolings in-house, delivery times can be shortened.

Thin sheets

Laser beam welding can be used to join thin-sheet components (made with e.g. laser cutting). Exact positioning & fixation allow to weld foil material with a thickness starting from 0,02mm.

Laser welded tubes