Laser drilling

+500 holes per second!

With laser perforating, holes can be produced without cutting a circular contour (single puls laser cutting). This explains why such a large amount of holes can be created so quickly.
Examples of applications: filtration parts, mesh structures, speaker grills, perforated decoration sheets…

In addition, also the accuracy and position of the perforated holes are important. In order to be able to correctly position the large number of holes that are made in one second, it’s necessary to have an ultra-fast XYZ-axis system.

Laser drilling: extremely fast & accurate perforating

Laser drilling is a high precision laser technique that is very suitable for the production of parts containing a large number of small holes. Laser drilling, also called laser perforating, is possible in both sheet and tube material.

  • Laser drilling micro holes
Micro perforations
Micro perforations

Micro perforations in filter elements

Thousands of microscopic small holes can be created in sheet and tube material in just a few seconds. This makes laser drilling particulary interesting for the production of filter elements (filter discs – filter tubes – filter sieves – …).

Drilling with laser is mainly used when filter elements are needed with non-standard dimensions and unique hole patterns. By laser perforating, custom made filter elements can be manufactured in a short period of time.

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Laser drilling is interesting when: 

1) a large amount of holes is required
2) the diameters of the holes are small (Ø < 0,1mm)
3) the material thickness is limited (thickness < 1,5mm)