3D metal printing – case studies


What to keep in mind when requesting a 3D printing quote? How to keep 3D metal printed parts low in price? Design guidelines, mass reduction, topology optimization, creating meshes….


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Finishing internal cavities of 3D prints

Unique process for finishing internal cavities and channels in metal 3D printed parts. By combining blasting and chemical polishing, it’s possible to reduce internal surface roughness with 80% (!).

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Laser welding of 3D prints

Unique process to develop large scale 3D printed assemblies. Laser welding of printed metal components. Preferred material is titanium, due to it’s good weldability and low specific weight.

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Cost price 3d metal printing service

Overview of factors that influence the cost price of 3D metal printing service. How is a price for 3D metal printing calculated? Elements like volume, finishing and building height need to be taken into account.

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Fast prototyping

3D printing is a fast way to produce prototypes. Unlike conventional prototyping techniques, no expensive tooling or complex/time-consuming programming is required.

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