Laser engraving

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is a commonly used marking technology to identify and personalize parts and components. Raytech offers laser marking & engraving services as a complementary laser activity besides laser cutting and laser welding.

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Critical applications – marking medical tools

A permanent marking resistant to acids and cleaning detergents is essential when engraving medical tools. When sterilizing medical equipment, it speaks for itself that no particles of the laser engraving should come off the surface.

Traceability automotive
Part number

Traceability and personalization

Laser marking/engraving is mainly used to improve the traceability of serial productions. In addition, components or products can be personalized with unique engravings.
For example, 3D printed or laser-cut glasses are personalized according to the wishes of the customer.

Most common engravings: logos – bar/QR codes – serial numbers – license plates with manufacturer/product information.

Overview available materials

Deep contrast & laser engraving images



Depending on engraving parameters (speed, power and frequency) various shades of grey can be produced. This makes it possible to obtain highly contrasting engravings that are clearly visible and readible.



In addition, it’s possible to engrave images by combining different grayscale values. Engraving of a photo is done through a bitmap. This converts an image (JPEG, PNG,…) into an engravable format. The engraving can then be applied in one shade or in several shades (possible to combine +200 different grayscale values in one image).

Laser engraved pictures
Contrast engraving