Lasersnijden Raytech

What makes us unique?

As one of the first Belgian suppliers in (Micro) laser cutting and more recently in 3D printing, Raytech is a pioneer in the production of small & complex parts.

Thanks to in-house machine construction, unprecedented acceleration speeds can be achieved, which allows Raytech to distinguish itself within the industry. Thicknesses up to 0.005mm can be lasered with a tolerance of 10µm. Thanks to these advanced techniques, Raytech is the suitable supplier for prototypes to larger quantities.

We act as a co-engineer to find a solution for the most diverse projects, guaranteeing the highest accuracy and quality. Furthermore, for larger and frequent orders there is the possibility to develop an in-house custom-made machine specifically for your product!

Projects in the spotlight

Large quantity laser cutting

Our Ingenuity and in-house engineering made it possible to choose laser cutting for medium to large quantity orders while having similar or even lower costs than stamping, without some of the drawbacks.

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Titanium glasses frames ~ Hoet Eyewear

Raytech produces 3D printed spectacle frames together with Hoet Eyewear. Unfamiliar materials, extravagant designs and far-reaching personalization are central to this.

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Shims - Spacers - Washers

Shims are used to obtain accurate positioning and alignment of machines and components. Using laser cutting, it is possible to quickly produce customized shims. Shims can be produced from a thickness of 0.005mm. Various foil materials are available for this.

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