3D metal printing – applications and examples

Prototyping gearwheels

Additive Manufacturing lends itself perfectly to prototyping. New developed gearwheels are produced by 3D printing to quickly obtain proof-of-concept components.

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Micro filtration parts

During the customer’s search for a suitable production technique, they discovered the possibilities of 3D printing. By 3D metal printing, it became possible to produce filtration components with internal cavities & hard-to-reach surfaces.

3D printed filters can create unique gas-air or liquid flows.

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Custom made eyewear

Hoet Eyewear – Patrick Hoet
Together with Hoet Eyewear, Raytech produces 3D printed titanium eyewear frames. Non-conventional materials, extravagant designs, new production techniques and extensive personalization characterize the eyewear frames.
The result? Pieces of art to wear on your nose.

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Mold inserts
For certain applications, 3D metal printing can be a full-fledged alternative for wire EDM and being cost-effective at the same time. The mold making industry is rapidly discovering the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing.

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Implants & medical tools

Raytech produces already 30 years stents, implants and chirurgical tools by laser technology (micro laser cutting – laser welding). Besides laser-machining, implants & medical toolings are produced using Additive Manufacturing in metal. Mostly in titanium.

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