Lightweight gearwheelsTitanium

3D printed gears

Strength vs. weight

To drive XYZ-axis, the customer was searching for gearwheels with as little mass as possible that could withstand high forces. As the gears must enable high accelerations of the axis, the weight of the gears was an important criteria.

Structure optimization

Raytech took care of the development, design and production of the lightweight gears. The gearwheels are designed with a minimum of strength structures, making the ratio strength-weight exactly balanced.

The material used is titanium which contributes to the strength of the 3D printed gears.

Prototypes & small series

Additive Manufacturing lends itself perfectly for the production of prototypes and small series. Contrary to conventional prototyping technologies, no pricy tooling or time-consuming programming is needed. Because of this, prototypes can be produced fast and economic.