Filter cloth laser cutting

Wire cloth, mesh and filter cloth laser cutting

Raytech cuts filter material using laser technology. Both CO2 and fiber laser machines are used for cutting filter mats in shape. These machines are equipped to process filter material on roll as well as on plate.


Laser cutting filter material; main advantages at a glance:

  • Clean cut edges with virtually no discolouration
  • Fraying is avoided
    • Technical textiles and paper filter cloth can easily fray after cutting. The heat, generated by the laser, creates a small weld at the cutting edge. This weld avoid fraying of the fibers.
  • No clamping of material
    • As laser cutting is a non-contact cutting technique, the material to be cut doesn’t need to be fixed or clamped. Advantages of this are, on the one hand, no damage to the material and, on the other hand, increased production speed as roll/plate changes are faster.
  • Possibility to work from a roll
    • Using roll mechanisms it is possible to process filter material from rolls instead of sheets. This results in significant faster production times.
  • Suitable for textile, paper and metal
  • High precision and repeatability
  • Extreme high cutting speed
    • More information about high speed laser cutting can be found on the following page
Laser cutting filter cloth
Bekipor (20 CL 4). Small filtration discs for food and pharmaceutical industry


Common materials:

  • (Fine) metal mesh
  • Knitted cloth
  • Technical textiles
  • Paper filter cloth
  • Cutting of metal perforation sheet
  • Solid metal sheet
    • (High precision) filter parts can be cut from solid sheet. Openings of less than 50 µm can be made at an incredibly high cutting speed. More information about laser cutting of high precision filter elements can be found on the following page: laser drilling / micro perforations


Laser-cut custom size filters
Laser cut custom size air filter (Poly500)