Stent manufacturingOn tailor-made machines

Micro laser cutting stents


Stent are tubular medical devices in metal or synthetic material in order to widen narrowed blood vessels. 25 years ago, Raytech was asked if laser cutting could be used for stents (mass) production.

Stent laser cutting
Stent laser cutting

Tailor-made machine

The production of stents was possible, but for larger series, a new production process was required.

Herefore, Raytech developed a dedicated laser machine for micro laser cutting stents. Since then, Raytech is able to produce large series of stents with various diameters. Mostly in stainless steel and nitinol.

Micro tube laser cutting

Thanks to this tailor-made machine and solution, a long-lasting partnership was created. For more than 25 years, Raytech is developing and producing stents.

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