Micro laser cutting

Micro laser cutting

Micro laser cutting allows to produce complex components with high precision. Both in tube and sheet material.
Depending on the required tolerances and part dimensions, different micro laser machines can be deployed.

Sheet – tube material

High-precision laser cutting is possible in both tube and sheet material. Tube components can be manufactured with a diameter starting from 0,8mm.

High precision laser cutting machine
Connector plates

Thickness of 0.01mm

Components can be produced out of foil material with a minimum thickness of 0,01mm. Accuracies of 10-15µm are achievable, thanks to precisely operating micro laser machines.

Cover plate
Quality & part-inspection

Technical specifications micro laser cutting

  • High cutting quality (min. cutting width 10-15µm)
  • Sheet thickness starting from 0,01mm
  • High repeatability accuracy
  • Minimal thermal influence
  • Focus on precision clamping technology
  • Tube material from diameter 0,8 to 250mm

Quality control – clean-cut process

Raytech developed a process that guarantees deliveries of completely oxide-free & burr-free components. The process is called: “Clean-cut process”. Optimized cutting programs in combination with ultrasonic cleaning ensure clean and burr-free components.

In order to guarantee the quality and accuracy of the produced parts, Raytech has climate-controlled production & measuring rooms.

Quality control & part-inspection


Perforations 90µm
Perforations 1500µm to 40µm

Markets & applications

  • Medical:                            stents, CMF-implants, surgical tools
  • Filtration components: filter discs, plates
  • Watchmaking:                gears, micro-components
  • Machinery:                       shims, spring elements, precision components
  • Electronics:                      contacts, masks, LED technology