Shims - spacers - washersThicknesses from 0,01mm

Shims made by laser cutting

Custom made spacers

Spacers are used for accurate posisitioning and alignment of machines and components. By using laser cutting technology, it’s possible to quickly produce a large amount of tailor made spacers.


Shims with thickness: 0,01mm

In order to produce extremely thin spacers, Raytech has several foil material coils in stock. More about high precision laser cutting of foil materials: Micro laser cutting.


Combination laser cutting – laser engraving

By laser engraving, it’s possible to mark the exact thickness of the spacers on the surface. This engraving is practically indelible which results in a reliable identification.


Technical specifications:

  • Thicknesses:                  0,01mm to 15mm
  • Accuracy:                        +/- 15-20µm (depending on material and material thickness)
  • Materials:                        Steel – Stainless steel – Titanium – Aluminium – copper alloys – others…
  • Properties:                      Burr-free – no sharp edges – corrossion resistant

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