Tube component manufacturing

Tube component manufacturing on high-speed laser machinery

Tube laser cutting is possible from diameter 0,8mm to 250mm. For this purpose, various tube laser machines are available.
For large series, Raytech has several self-developed tube laser machines. These laser machines are developed in order to provide a suitable solution for a certain tube-application. For example, Raytech developed a dedicated tube laser machine for the production of stents.


Tailor-made tube laser machine

For the production of tubular filtration components, the client was looking for a supplier who could mass-produce filters with respect the strict tolerances.

After searching a fitting manufacturing process, without success, the customer decided to invest in a dedicated tube laser machine. Specially tailored for their application.


High through-put rate

Thanks to a dedicated machine setup, it became possible to manufacture the tube components with remarkable cutting speeds. Because of this, large series could be produced in an economic and competitive way

Long-term projects – custom solutions

As a manufacturing subcontractor, Raytech likes to search & develop tailored solutions for the production of complex components. A few examples of custom-made machines/processes:

– Laser/milling machine combination
– Laser/etching process
– Dual head tube laser machine
– 3D metal printing & laser welding process