Additive manufacturing

Medical 3D metal printing

30 years experience with medical and dental applications.

For more than 30 years, Raytech has been manufacturing surgical tools and medical implants. For this purpose, Raytech uses various laser technologies. For example, stents are being produced by tube laser cutting and CMF (Cranio Maxillo Facial)-implants by high-precision laser cutting.


3D metal printing

Besides laser technology, implants & surgical tools are produced using Additive Manufacturing technology. With a strong focus on titanium.

A few examples of 3D metal printed medical implants:

  • Bone implants
    • Regrowth of bone structures
  • Dental implants
    • Frame prosthesis and structures for crowns and bridges
  • Titanium CMF plates & mesh


Advantages of medical 3D metal printing

  • Able to produce complex geometries
  • Optimal fittings
  • Quicker turnaround time
  • Less material cost
  • Titanium (Ti-64): corrosion-resistance, light, highly durable


Innovative implants & implant systems

By using the SLM 3D metal print technique (Selective Laser Melting), thin layers of metal powder are accurately fused to each other. By building layer by layer, it’s possible to produce components that were previously not manufacturable with conventional production techniques.