Additive manufacturing

3D printing prototype in metal

Rapid prototyping by 3D metal printing

3D printing is an ideal way to quickly obtain prototypes & proof-of-concept components. Contrary to conventional prototyping technologies, no pricy tooling or time-consuming programming is needed. Because of this 3D printed prototypes can be produced and delivered fast.


Cream nozzles

A company active in the food industry was searching for a food-safe solution to dispense cream. Taking food safety into account titanium was used as printing material. After a few design adjustments, the nozzles were ready for 3D printing.

Results of design adjustments:

  • Less raw material (titanium powder) used
  • Shorter printing time
  • Less finishing by eliminating support
    • When using 3D metal printing technology, support structures are needed to connect the printed object with the building plate. In some cases, removing these structures can be quite time-consuming. By minimizing support structures, a lot of manual labor costs can be saved in the post-processing phase.


3D printing prototype

As only a few cream nozzles were needed, 3D metal printing proved to be the most suitable way to produce them. Within a few days, the titanium components were delivered in the Netherlands.