Thin sheet laser cutting

Thickness from 0,01mm

Ferrous and non-ferrous thin plates can be cut to shape with laser. By extensive testing with different types of lasers, we can say with certainty that small and low power fiber lasers are most suitable for cutting thin metal sheets. Micro fiber laser equipment enables to cut thin sheets with a thickness starting from 0,01mm to 1mm thickness. For materials thicker than 1mm, we refer to our standard laser cutting page.

Thin sheet laser cutting materials

Besides a wide range of stainless steel variants, Raytech also has a fair amount of other thin sheet -and foil materials in stock. Of course, it’s also an option to supply your own foil and thin sheet materials.


Metal sheet stacking

The picture on top of this page is an example of a stainless steel sheet used in hydrogen compression systems. Thin metal sheets/plates are often used to create lamination cores. Separate laser cut plates are stacked to form one large assembly of sheet material.

These (laminations) stacks can be found in the following applications:

  • Cooling fins
  • Fuel cell assemblies
  • Stator rotor (electrical steel lamination stacks)
  • Hydrogen compressors

Certain laminated stacks can contain more than 10.000 separate metal sheets. So, not only precision is important when cutting thin material but also productivity is an important factor. High volumes of thin sheet parts need to be laser cut as fast as possible to fulfill volume and price requirements.