Additive manufacturing

3D printed mold inserts

Mold parts delivered fast

The mold making industry is rapidly discovering the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing. For example, conformal cooling is applied to reduce cooling times.

Raytech produces mold inserts & mold components by using 3D metal printing.
Contrary to conventional production techniques, 3D printing doesn’t require expensive tooling or time-consuming programmation. This makes 3D printing an interesting production method for prototypes and small series. In a few days, mold components can be delivered, completely finished.


Alternative wire EDM

For certain applications, 3D metal printing can be a full-fledged alternative for wire EDM and being cost-effective at the same time. This is also applicable on the mold inserts (picture above), which were initially produced by wire EDM.
During the injection molding process, the components are exposed to large forces. Therefore, the inserts are printed in titanium which makes them more resistant against heavy loads.


Further finishing

In order to become nicely finished 3D printed components, further finishing & post-processing is required. Raytech has several post-processing methods in-house.

Finishing 3D printed parts