Additive Manufacturing

3D printing filter parts

3D printed filtration

For a specific filtering application, the customer was searching for a suitable production method. As the filters contained hard-to-reach segments, conventional production techniques could not be deployed.


Internal cavities & hard-to-reach surfaces

During the customer’s search for a suitable production technique, they discovered the possibilities of 3D printing. By 3D metal printing, it became possible to produce filtration components with internal cavities & hard-to-reach surfaces.
For some applications, 3D printed filters can create unique gas-air or liquid flows.


Filtration flow

By adapting the metal powder’s grain sizes, it becomes possible to broaden or narrow the diameter of the filter openings. So, 3D printing provides a sustainable and innovative solution for certain complex filtration projects.


Filter manufacturing – laser processing

Besides 3D printing filters, Raytech manufactures various filter components by laser processing. For example, Raytech produces filter discs, woven wire mesh and perforated filter plates by micro laser cutting. Furthermore, Raytech is capable of joining filter components such as filter tubes by laser welding.