Custom feeler gauges

Custom feeler gauges

Laser cutting feeler gauges
Set ranging from 0,03 to 0,3mm

Feeler gauges are a widely used tool to measure gaps and clearances.

A set is made up of a holder containing laser-cut plates of different thicknesses. The minimum thickness of these plates is 0,005mm.

To measure diverse thicknesses, several plates are placed on top of each other to obtain the desired thickness. Also, the screw and locknut can be tightened to keep the plates in the correct working position.






Laser engraving

The thickness is shown separately on each plate, this is done by laser engraving. The holder can also be engraved with additional information. In the picture above we can see the engraving on the holder with the thickness range (0,03 to 0,30mm) and the total number of feelers (28 blades). Often a company logo is also applied to the protective case.

Custom made laser cut feeler gauges
Laser engraving logo











Custom made

First, the feelers are cut from foil or sheet material by means of micro laser cutting. After cutting the feeler gauges are engraved with text indicating the thickness. Finally the loose feelers are mounted in the holder.

Common purposes include measuring spark plug electrodes, adjusting valve clearance, the distance between ignition points and much more.



  • Number of blades:               According to customer specification
  • Length feeler gauges:         According to customer specification
  • Thicknesses:                          Min. thickness single sheet: 0,005mm
  • Materials:                                Mainly stainless steel