Fine laser cutting

Starting where others stop

As laser subcontractor, Raytech manufactures microscopic small components for companies active in industries requiring high precision components.
By micro laser cutting, it’s possible to laser cut high detailed parts.

Fine laser cutting
Fine laser cutting of watchmaking gears


High precision gear-wheel

Precision micro laser cutting allows to produce small gearwheels that are mainly used for watchmaking. To demonstrate how detailed micro cutting can be, we designed our company logo inside a gearwheel (picture on top of this page).

Dimensions of the gearwheel are:

Diameter of center hole: 0,6mm
Gear tooth height: 0,3mm
Width of letters: 0,06mm


What are the main advantages of micro laser cutting?

  • Small cutting width: +/- 20µm
    • As micro/fine laser cutting has small cutting widths, a material efficient nesting can be performed. Especially for expensive raw materials a good and efficient nesting is crucial.
  • Almost non additional finishing required after cutting
  • High cutting speed and high accelerations
    • To be able to mass produce, Raytech has several in-house developed machines. These machines are custom made in order to economically produce large series of components. More info concerning this topic can be found on the following page:
  • Micro laser cutting is a contactless cutting method
  • Ratio material thickness – hole diameter
    • It’s possible to make a small hole in quite thick sheet material. For example, a hole of Ø0,2mm can easily be cut out of sheet with thickness 0,8 mm.

More info and examples of micro laser cutting can be found on our micro laser cutting page.

High precision laser cutting
Micro laser cut gearwheel
Precision laser cut components
Precision components by micro laser cutting