Titanium implants laser cutting

Micro laser cutting maxillofacial plates

Raytech has been producing CMF implants using precision laser technology for decades. For the production of high precision CMF implants, mostly titanium sheet material is used.
Usually the material is supplied by the customer, if desired, the plates can be kept in stock.

Using micro laser cutting, Raytech succeeds in producing highly accurate implants. These are used in the following applications:

  • Jaw and skull plate
  • Mesh plate
  • Lock plate
  • Fixation and positioning plate
  • Hook plate
Maxillofacial plate
Titanium maxillofacial reconstruction plate before cleaning. Demonstration CMF-fracture plate based on company name ‘RAYTECH’. Height of letters: 6mm.












Properties and advantages micro laser cutting

  • Burr free
    • Depending on thickness, it may be necessary to perform an additional cleaning to ensure a 100% burr-free implant component.
  • Suitable for prototypes as well as for mass production
  • Compared to chemical etching, it is possible to process thicker sheet material
  • Wide variety of processable materials


Optional services and post-processing

  • Lasermarking
    • Laser marking can be applied to increase the traceability of tools and implants
  • Extra cleaning
    • Depending on material type and material thickness: blast finish, vibratory drum finish, CNC finish, chemically polished finish…
  • Cleanliness testing
    • Testing on finished components. These tests are performed by an independent lab.
Laser cut titanium implants
Titanium implant plate before cleaning (ultrasonic cleaning)


Extensive personalization: 3D printing

In addition to micro laser cutting, Raytech has the option of producing 3 dimensional implants by means of 3D metal printing. Unique, tailor-made implants based on a scan or digital file (STEP, STL …) can be manufactured by means of 3D printing. Raytech specializes mainly in printing of titanium alloys. The high strength, low weight and allergy resistance were the main reasons for further specializing in titanium 3D printing.