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Flag welcomes Raytech as one of its latest members!

23 April 2017

As industrial supplier for micro laser processing and 3D metal printing services, the aerospace industry is of strategic importance for Raytech. By being an active member of the Flemish Aerospace Group and its recently launched IBN-cluster, Raytech aims to contribute to further developments in this industry.

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Investment in new measurement machine

17 February 2017

Raytech continues to specialize in the production of components with extremely high tolerances.

To continue to guarantee the quality of parts and production processes, the investment in new measurement equipment was necessary.

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Serial production 3D metal printing

8 October 2016

Each year, hundreds of titanium glasses are printed for Hoet Eyewear. Thanks to the 3D printing technique, it’s possible to personalize and make each model tailor-made.

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Additive Manufacturing of designer eyeglass frames

7 July 2016

One of the biggest advantages of AM is the huge freedom of design. Globally, the 3D titanium printed glasses produced by Raytech, are one of the most-known consumer products created by using Additive Manufacturing.

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3D event Syntra, Sirris and Raytech

3 December 2015

Together with Syntra and Sirris, Raytech organised a conference concentrated on the practical use of 3D metal printing. This conference was the last part of a four-staged educational program.

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3D printing in Flanders: concentrated in Flam3D

2 November 2015

The new Flemish 3D platform ‘Flam3D’ was officially presented in the Flemish parliament by director Kris Binon. Flam3D represents companies and organizations who are active in the 3D printing business in Flanders.

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