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3D printed eyeglasses – titanium

Hoet Eyewear
Looking for an unique pair of fashion glasses? Then you have to have a look at the Hoet Eyewear collection. Patrick Hoet designs creative and non-conventional glasses using innovative and unseen concepts. A part of his collection exists out of 3D printed eyeglasses. Additive Manufacturing stands for unlimited possibilities in terms of design and personalization. Patrick Hoet was immediately fascinated by 3D printing and all the related possibilities. He says; “The major obstacle of Additive Manufacturing is your own imagination.”


Conspicuously inconspicuous and inconspicuously conspicuous
In the meantime Raytech produces already three years for Hoet. The collaboration has led to nine different models. The eyeglass frames are stainless, anti-allergic, light yet durable, personalized and have a perfect fit.
Hoet eyewear glasses are well-known all over the world. The unique 3D printed frames are sold in dozens of countries by selectively chosen dealers.

Hoet Couture

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The words of Patrick Hoet

“Design bureau Hoet knows Raytech for more than 25 years as a ‘laserexpert’. All that time we’re having a perfect partnership. This is partially due to the knowhow of Raytech but also to the perfect communication, the quality they deliver and the short lead- and production times. Raytech has always left his doors open for innovation. So we immediately saw in Raytech the perfect partner to start up a partnership for the production of 3D printed glasses. It was not astonishing that already after two months of testing, we received our first sets of 3D printed glasses."