Lamination stacks: rotors & statorsPrototypes & small series

Precision laser cutting and welding

Lamination stacks: rotors & stators

As a subcontractor, Raytech produces lamination stacks that are produced entirely by laser cutting and laser welding. These stacks, produced with high tolerances, are the heart of rotors and stators used in high-technology motors and resolvers.


Flexibility and fast delivery

Prototypes can be developed quickly, by combining laser cutting and laser welding on the same machine. The necessary tooling to weld the coated laminations together is developed and produced in-house resulting in fast delivery times.


High accuracy

The coated lamination stacks are laser cut with tolerances of +/- 0.025mm. The aim is to finish the outer diameter of a fully assembled stack with a dimensional tolerance of 40 microns. In order to achieve this, a fiber laser machine is used which can laser-cut and laser-weld quickly and accurately.

All assembled pieces are measured using a 3D measuring machine.

Stacks of all sizes are being produced.